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by Checqz

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Everybody starts somewhere. And this is the story of me, Checqz, who started here. From the doldrums of high school graduation to sunny-day pop punk, join me as I play some instruments and sing a bunch of random furry references. And join my friend Storm as he plays a bunch of sweet guitar solos.


released October 5, 2014

Guitar: Checqz/Storm
Vocals: Checqz
Bass: Checqz

Album art credit Frindle

BONUS 2 credit Green Day




Checqz Atlanta, Georgia

Hey everyone! I am a self-taught musician from Atlanta, writing mainly rock, blues, and pop-punk! All of my music is written, performed, recorded, and mixed by me, myself, and I. ..And sometimes my friend Storm plays guitar, too. Hope you enjoy my music! ... more

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Track Name: Codename: Julianna
I'm on an expedition
Against the population
That's not who I want to be
I'll take the world for a run
I'm the long forgotten son
But it doesn't matter much to me
I'm a lover and a hater
I'm a fighter and a traitor
I'm a living conspiracy
But with no rhyme or reason
Any day now is the season
When I probably need some therapy

But don't you tell me nothing
I reject your opinion
I'll probably still be lost but that's alright
Like the economy's inflation
I'm all depreciation
If breaking out is all I need
I even give myself the creeps

Troublemaker and instigators
Scratching at my seams and
I don't even have a clue where I fit in
Oblivious and pointless
And the strangest kind of happiness
Does every new beginning have to end?
Take me far away

I'm on an expedition
Against the population
And this is my journey
I'm gonna surf through the fight
Right on down the great divide
I'm gonna be who I want to be
I'm done with indecision
And now begins my mission
To take back all the dreams I lost
And though you might just not agree
Well, this is the life for me!
Track Name: Society
Jimmy was a new OC in a bad society
Jimmy was a brand new kid in a brand new school
Jimmy made a lot of friends 'cause he had lots of money
Now Jimmy just wants to turn invisible
Amy was a member of a bad society
She would always spend her time wishing she was cool
Amy tried eloping with a jackalope
Amy still wonders why she was such a fool

Check the feed on twitter
But never check the time
We hide away from summer
And waste away our lives

If everyone makes their own decisions
And everyone has their own opinions
Why are we so frickin' stupid
When we get together?
If everyone is their only person
Society is a bad decision
Sometimes I just don't get society at all

Brandon was a brony husky out of ATL
Brandon was trying his best, but flying blind
Brandon is living on ramen and the internet
Now he can't see what he left behind
Katie was a skater chick prescribed to ritalin
She was antisocial and just a little bit shy
Katie is stuck down in suburbia
As the taillights of her future pass her by
Track Name: Last of the Punks
He's seventeen and his life's a cliche
He stays up all night just to seize the day
He's into Hot Topic, got himself a skateboard
A little too crazy for a girl he can't afford
Wristband-bound enthusiasm
Ask for any song and you know he has 'em
He's got a higher calling to reject the high above
But he's just a lonely punk in a pickup truck

He's the result of a broken testing site
Of how much pop punk you can fit in one guy
He's a social dropout, from his shoes to his name,
And he dyes his hair and his parents are to blame
For all the reasons he's in a bad place
He's a rebel stuck behind a puppy face
I don't believe a word but he's sure gonna try
Another day has passed that he can't define

And now I think he's going crazy
Always one step behind the pack
All hope rests on his final maybe
'Cause when he's gone he won't come back

Graffiti covering the mess he made me
So he doesn't have to share
He's the last of the punks, and he doesn't even care
His lonely cliche life's gonna go
Track Name: Don't Panic
Been waiting here for the last three years
For this moment
A new chance to escape from the fears of yesterday
And see the sunrise
I know you're bored 'cause I'm getting sick
Of this nothing
Good times will come again, as long as you're my friend
Then we'll be alright

I'll take you on a journey someplace far away
A place where all your troubles learn to run away
And when you look outside your window hope you see
The sun still rises over the unknown and yet to be
Come away with me

A broken heart, you don't know where to start
When it's over
Don't have to be the best to take a little rest
And see the sunrise
We're falling down, we're gonna hit the ground
But don't panic
It's learning where to land and how to take a stand
That makes it alright
Track Name: Orange Soda
Orange soda in a cup of ice
Such is life in paradise
Makes me happy when the weather's nice
I just feel so good inside
I feel the wind cutting through my fur
Blows me away, yeah, that's for sure
There's nothing wrong with the picture-perfect
Time of your life

Maybe it's not so bad
To live like i'm not sad
But I guess I never knew when I was with you
Maybe it's not so bad
To live like I'm not sad
So I guess this is the start of something new

I sit and gaze at the sand and waves
And I don't even feel out of place
A bit of summer makes it all okay
When you feel a little bored
My mind gave up on it's inner war
Now this is something to be living for
My cup is empty but it's never dry
On this new and endless shore
Track Name: True Me and Honest You
Throwing away the old photographs
We used to share when life was fair
Back then you would shove me around
I'd still be there if I still cared
True Me and Honest You
Were split apart right from the start
Now I hate everything you do
What I went through I wish on you so
Where did I go so wrong
To write you a love song
Where can I escape this now?
I don't know where the pop I'm going but

Carry me on down to moderation
Leading me away to frustration
Keeps me up a bit too late at night
You've taken me too far in temptation
Change me now, I've made my decision
Why does everyone live multiple lives?
Why don't you ever tell me why?

Taking away everything that you had
It should be fine, it all was mine
You're screwed up, always feeling so bad
It's different now, I'm getting out cause
I can't honestly see why
You showed me my dark side
But I can truthfully tell you now
I don't know where the pop I'm going
Track Name: Synthetic?!
Hello there!
What brings you down?
Never thought I'd see a plastic frown
Did you know it's not too late
You know that fun don't need a reason
I know it
Just don't make sense
But that don't make any difference
Doesn't matter about anyone else
As long as you still got yourself

So I don't need your advice
'Cause you don't live my life
No sense of misdirection or pursuit of imperfection's
Gonna bend this vinyl smile
And I'll never close my eyes
As long as I'm alive
To be nothing but myself is all I'll ever do
And I'll do it for a while

She loves him
She hates his guts
On a diet and yet he eats too much
People seem to change all the time
What if we're all just less than perfect?
Don't judge me
I'm just like you
Just trying to find some fun to do
Maybe if no-one cared at all
Nobody would care too much

To be nothing but yourself is all you'll ever do
Better do it with a smile
With a smile
Do it with a smile
With a smile
Track Name: The Macro Afterparty
It's pretty late at night
A quarter after two
I'm bored out of my mind
With nothing to do
I'm getting all these thoughts
Becoming so confused
I think i'm having doubts
If my doubts are true
So here I go again

Step back and then I'll get away
Start living like a castaway
And all I ever know
I don't know what to do
If you've been waiting for something new
Here comes today

With time still passing by
I'm stuck here counting sheep
And though I really try
I just can't fall asleep
This world's not meant for me
Please get me out of here
If I wake up tonight
I've survived another year
So here I go again

Why can't I be someone who fits in in this world?
Track Name: Dream Journal
I had the craziest dream last night
The best I ever knew
I had the craziest dream last night
And you were in it too
I saw the craziest scene last night
On the corner of black and Blue
I had the craziest dream last night
And you were in it too

Staring out at a restless crowd
Standing there to watch me
I forgot my outer wear
My tulpa says I'm crazy
My dreams all seem so simple
So how do they still get me?
Guess phases aren't so easy
Or I'm still not grown up

And I don't believe how my imagination
It turns it all around, so I still keep sayin'
I wish I was just like all those lucid dreamers
I bet they have so much fun
I've got big dreams but sometimes I wish I was really there
Not to stay but to be alone

Waking up to a bed of ice
Feeling sort of lonely
Left to my own device
Could someone come and save me
Cause I could use some fresh air
To fix my useless heart
Is anybody out there
Reality's so harsh
Track Name: Goodbye
Your cell phone should be ringing off the hook since last night
But I'll never call you
Your radio would play a sad song for you if it wasn't
For the silent treatment
Another year leaves us to ruin
Another hour left to rot
Just one more week, you still keep saying
You somehow think I'm all you've got

Oh, drama - and the games I play for you
Won't you tell me what I did to undo
What we could have had and where we could be right now
Instead of sitting behind an old guitar

Miles away yet still we're so close
A radio to keep us near
Our static window to illusion
It passed me buy and broke your heart
So I'm saying

I know that you're leaving me
But at least tell me why
I know that you're leaving me
But at least say goodbye

And all we do is waste each other's time
'Til you're messed up and I'm just fine
I don't think you understand all the consequences
All we do is waste each other's time
'Til you're tore up and I'm alright
You don't mean everything to me
You don't mean everything to me
You don't mean anything to me
Track Name: En Moderation
Everyone's talking about living their life
Like they've only got one and they'll never die
But when I see them, somehow it sounds so funny like
What's up with that?
And what's it to me?
Up in the morning at the same old hour
The same old routine and the same old motions
Living the dream happily ever after so
What's wrong with that?
And where's the instructions?

Listen to the warnings
Look at all the signs
Follow all the rules
And maybe you'll be fine
If you're life's worth living
I'm sure that you'll find frustration
With life in moderation

Everyone's acting like we're all victims
Of the higher ups and the take-all system
When I see them, I know this might sound silly but
I think it's dumb
So what's wrong with me?
The poster child for obedience
Yet it doesn't seem right when I see my friends
All out on their own and doing what they please
And I'm here at home
And I lost the keys
Track Name: BONUS 1 - 2479
Lemme tell you a story about my history
When I was born on down by the vinyl factory
I didn't have much of a mother or a father
But I guess it doesn't matter much to me
It's the apocalypse, but I feel fine, wake up
It's 2479
It all started after the nuclear war
Probably sometime back in 2064
Radiation played the strangest magic
And before too long I was getting off the floor
I'm not human, but I feel fine
Wake up